The World Is Outside


Limited DVD-R, download


Nosound The World Is Outside is an elegantly produced companion piece to Nosound’s debut album Sol 29, part live chronicle and part audio/visual Ambient experiment.

Containing three songs from the band’s debut performance, three unreleased Ambient pieces (with atmospheric visual accompaniment) and a variety of audio and photo outtakes from the Sol 29 sessions and performances, The World Is Outside provides a fascinating behind the scenes glimpse into the inner workings of the band.

Live tracks (recorded 1/5/2005 at Stazione Birra, Rome, Italy):
1. Idle End
2. Sol29
3. The Moment She Knew
Unreleased videos:  
4. Contemplating Neptune
5. Contemplating Mars
6. Contemplating Moon
Sol29 outtakes:  
7. The Red Song
8. Idea14
9. The World Is Outside
Bonus tracks:  
9. Live backstage
10. Dvd making of
11. Credits


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